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Theodore A. Koros, Director/Principal

With almost 20 years of experience in solving real estate challenges, Mr. Koros has earned the loyalty of his capital partners through dedication and sincerity.  Prior to forming Suncrest Commercial, he worked with Burnham Real Estate Services, which was acquired by Cushman & Wakefield in 2008. Mr. Koros holds a bachelor degree in Finance from the University of San Francisco and has been a licensed real estate broker in the states of California & Arizona since 1996.

Gary Hardin, Director of Residential Properties 

Mr. Hardin has an extensive background in the management of residential properties which began in the hospitality industry in the 1970’s. Mr. Hardin has worked with various hotel chains including Holiday Inn, Royal Inn of America, Travel Lodge and Ramada Inns. In 1982 Mr. Hardin transitioned into the management of multi-family properties, Mr. Hardin managed several complexes in Modesto, California such as Greenbriar and Villa Verde North Apartments in the early to mid 80’s. Mr. Hardin’s management experience also includes mobile home parks and single family homes as well. Mr. Hardin has been an integral part of the management of Suncrest’s residential portfolio and brings significant value to in-house managed properties.

Nicholas M. Gines, Chief Financial Officer, CPA

Since graduating from the University of Arizona in May, 1995, Mr. Gines has been employed for various CPA firms in San Diego County. During this time he has accumulated significant taxation experience with an emphasis in real estate. Mr. Gines has prepared numerous complex individual, partnership and corporate returns. Mr. Gines experience in real estate taxation, accounting, and bookkeeping greatly benefits our clients and affiliate companies. 

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